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Water Department


Water Superintendent Joseph Whalen
(518) 885-8502 EXT #25
Clerk Debora Bradt Monday - Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm 

(518) 885-8502 EXT #24

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2016 Consolidated Water District Map


Districts, Water Rates and Hook-up Fees

District Water Rates Hookup Fee
#2 $4.25/1,000 gallons $397.00
#5 $3.68/1,000 gallons $397.00
#6 $3.68/1,000 gallons $397.00
Districts #2, #5, #6 ANY New Service Connection Fee Additional $2,000.00

Water Bill Information

  • Meter reading cards will be mailed out by February 1st and August 1st.
    They are due back by the 10th of February and the 10th of August, respectively.
  • Failure to submit your meter reading will result in a one hundred dollar ($100) fee for estimating your bill.
  • Readings may be submitted in any of the four (4) ways:
    • E-mail to:
    • Regular mail to: PO Box 50, Burnt Hills, NY 12027
    • In Person deliver to: 323 Charlton Rd., Ballston Spa, NY 12020
    • Fax: 518-884-2839
  • Bills will be mailed out on March 1st and September 1st, they are due back April 1st and October 1st.
  • A 10% penalty will be added to all bills not received by the above due dates.
  • All unpaid bills including penalties are relevied on your property taxes as of November 1st.
  • Pay in person at 323 Charlton Rd., Ballston Spa, NY 12020. There is a drop box in the Water Dept. door for your convenience.
  • Pay by mail to the Water Department at PO Box 50, Burnt Hills, NY 12027.
  • The homeowner is responsible for the line from the curb box to the house and in the house.
    The Town is only responsible for the line from the main to the curb box.

Water Reports

Annual Water Report 2016

Annual Water Report 2015

Annual Water Report 2014

Annual Water Report 2013

Department of Health Quality Report April 2013 - September 2013


Saratoga County Water Authority Pump House Reports prepared by the Town Engineer CT Male:

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