Tax Collector

*** Please see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page for help with many common questions.***

Offices and Payment Information

*** Please make checks payable to: Tax Collector Town of Ballston

  • For the month of January 2023 checks/money orders may be mailed via U.S. Postal Service, placed in the large grey locked mailbox at the back entrance of Town Hall, or paid in person during the following hours:
    • Monday through Friday: 10 am to 1 pm
  • For the months of February and March 2023 checks/money orders may be mailed via U.S. Postal Service, placed in the large grey locked mailbox at the back entrance of Town Hall, or paid in person during the following hours:
    • Monday & Thursday: 10 am to 1 pm
  • After April 1, 2023 bills must be mailed or dropped off at the Saratoga County Treasurer's Office, 40 McMaster Street, Ballston Spa, NY 12020.

New York State Tax Law Information

Property Tax Law

  • New York State Law provides that the Tax Receiver cannot waive penalties on real estate taxes after the due date for any reason. (Real Property Tax Law §920.)
  • A property owner is not relieved of the responsibility for payment of taxes or interest prescribed by law despite the failure to receive a notice of such taxes due. (Real Property Tax Law §922.)

To Avoid Penalties

  • If you mail your payment at the end of the month the tax is due, be sure there is a timely official United States postmark on the envelope. Postage meter (i.e. Pitney Bowes) and foreign postmarks are not acceptable. When an envelope containing payment of local taxes contains no United States postmark date, payment of such taxes is deemed to have been made on the date the payment is received. (Real Property Tax Law §922.)
  • NOTE: Payments made by "Bank Pay" online services do not have a United States postmark. Banks use Permit Imprints or Metered Mail. If using this method to pay your taxes, plan accordingly and check receipt of payment with the Tax Office (by calling or emailing) prior to tax payment due date.

Process for Handling Delinquent Taxes

  • Properties with taxes remaining unpaid after twenty-one (21) months will go into REM foreclosure.
  • A taxpayer paying delinquent taxes must pay the most current tax first.


  • March 1st - Exemption filing Deadline
  • March 1st - Taxable Status Date
  • May 1st - Tentative Roll Filed
  • Grievance Day -Thursday following the 4th Tuesday in May
  • July 1st - Final Roll Filed
  • July 1st - Valuation Date

School Taxes

School Taxes are mailed out by and collected by the schools. Please contact the school directly with questions. 

Property Taxes

The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors is providing this information to all property taxpayers in Saratoga County to inform them about how State and Federal mandates affect their annual property tax bills.

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