Champlain Hudson Power Express


The Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) is an innovative power transmission project that will deliver clean, renewable hydropower to the New York metro area. It is an approximately 1,000-megawatt underground and underwater high voltage, direct current electric transmission facility extending from the United States' border with Canada to Queens, New York. Developed by Transmission Developers Inc.(TDI), which is owned by Blackstone, Inc, to deliver reliable clean energy from Hydro-Québec in Canada directly to New York City, the transmission line will play a key role in New York's energy transformation. The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), signed into New York State law in 2019, requires 70% of the State's electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030, on the path to a zero-emission grid. The CHPE is expected to be fully operational in Spring of 2026. 

News and Updates

The Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) powerline Environmental Management and Construction Plan for Segment 6 through the Town of Ballston is now available to the public at the CHPE website here:

And at the New York State Department of Public Service site here (scroll to filing date of 8/4/2023):

December 26, 2023 Update:

  • Clearing and grubbing for an access road is tentatively scheduled to begin mid-January. Work will proceed from north to south and is expected to continue through late spring (end of May or June).
  • The Town is working closely with CHPE staff and will provide an update on this page two weeks prior to the start of trenching and HDD (horizontal directional drilling) work.

Information & Documents

Click the link below to visit the CHPE website where you will find information about the project, questions and answers, news stories and much more:

Click the links below to view information and maps:

On July 14, 2020, the Ballston Town Board passed a resolution approving the request from Transmission Developers, Inc. for consent to use Town property (road crossing) for the installation of the transmission line cable for the Champlain Hudson Power Express project. Click below to view the resolution in its entirety:


Many Town residents were contacted by CHPE project representatives regarding easements, so that the transmission line could be installed across their property. Several residents presented questions and concerns, so Supervisor Eric Connolly met with representatives from the project to address the issues. Find the information and notes from that conversation below, written by Supervisor Connolly:


I (Supervisor Connolly) met with five representatives from the project. I let them know that I, and the members of the Town Board, were blindsided by the need for the many easements. When I first met with Blackstone Transmission Developers back in 2020 there was no discussion of needing these easements. We were simply told that the line would run along the railroad line. The developers are willing to meet with each property owner individually or in a group format. All property owners should understand that there is a good amount of “wiggle room” when it comes to striking agreeable easement conditions. I have had some lengthy conversations with property owners on how I can work to improve things. If residents wish to organize in any way, Mary Szacik of Ballston Lake is happy to coordinate. She can be reached by email. If any resident would like to provide the Town with an update they can email Supervisor Connolly . At this point the more information we share the better off we will be. 

Below are my notes from the 4-3-23 meeting:

  • 3.5 feet wide by 4.5 feet deep trench is the preferred method. Obstructions call for directional drilling HDD (Horizonal Directional Drilling) 
  • Two Issues:
    • Easements
    • Location of easements in relation to actual dwellings 
  • Up to 50 total easements in Ballston:
    • Everyone has been contacted
    • 26 are permanent easements (zero have been secured thus far)
    • 2 are through a parking lot
    • 9 or 10 are smaller lots 
  • Segment 6 of the project would start the earliest April of 2024:
    • Jennifer will contact Eric when construction is approaching 
    • She can be reached at 914-282-3068 
  •  They have been working through small lots in Glenville for a good chunk of time

Below are my notes from the July 11, 2023 meeting:

Questions (answers below each question):

  • When will work begin? 
    • Mid October 2023 - tentative
  • How much notification will you give residents before you work on their land? 
    • Two weeks
  • What is the timeframe for restoration? 
    • Work will be done in stages - depends on trenching or HDD (horizontal directional drilling); power turned on by May 2023 (goal of activation)
  • Walk me through the staging area (Marilyn Bell's lot)
    • A second walk through meeting will take place prior to the July 26th meeting with residents at Town Hall
  • Will the current bike path be destroyed and replaced at CHPE expense?
    • There may be small sections that will get damaged and they will be fully restored; most of work will not disturb the existing trail
  • The Town would very much like to have your project construct a small portion of our bike trail (north of Outlet to the tunnel and into Beacon Hill neighborhood)
    • They are open to discussing a "public benefit" donation, but would like to avoid doing the work with project staff
  • Will the Town and impacted residents be provided with insurance coverage?
    • Yes
  • When will they send Bill Ryan (Town Attorney) the proposed easement? 
    • Once they get their HDD plan all situated in BLFDMP
    • Is BLFDMP just Town owned or is officially declared "Parkland?"

Contact Information

Champlain Hudson Power Express
600 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207
Phone: (800) 991-CHPE (2473)
Email: (for construction questions or comments)
Email: (for all other inquiries)
Website: Contact Page   (this page also includes an online form to submit questions or comments)

Chris Schilling
Right of Way Supervisor with COATES Field Service, Inc., representing CHPE
Cell: 607-738-5764
Office: 405-601-6776

Jennifer Laird-White
Vice President, External Affairs with TDI
Cell: 914-282-3068

Supervisor Connolly
Phone: 518-490-2780
Email Supervisor Connolly