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REGULAR MEETING AGENDA (Updated 1/25/2022)

January 26, 2022

via Zoom Only

6:30 pm


Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Previous Minutes




35 Middleline Rd Minor Subdivision (PB 2021-013) - Public Hearing Scheduled

35 Middleline Rd; SBL 238.-2-45

Minor Subdivision-Proposal to subdivide a 9.31-acre property into 3 residential lots


206 Westside Dr Minor Subdivision (PB 2021-014) - Public Hearing Scheduled

206 Westside Dr; SBL 249.13-1-14

Minor Subdivision and Site Plan Review - Proposal to demolish two existing dwellings and subdivide parcel into two lots.


Lakeside Meadows (7 & 12 Willem Way) LLA (PB 2021-015)

7 and 12 Willem Way; SBL 249.-2-69 and 68

Lot Line Adjustment - Proposal to adjust common line in a manner that Lot 5E will have 112.77 feet of frontage along Willem Way.


Dispatch Building for Curtis Lumber (PB 2021-018) - Public Hearing Scheduled

885 Route 67; SBL 228.-3-69

Site Plan Review - Proposal for replacement of existing dispatch building with new 8000 SF building with new breakroom.


Middleline West & Middleline East Solar Array (PB 2020-010)

284 Middleline Road; SBL 227.-1-16.11

Site Plan Review and Special Use Permit Community Solar Installation (CSI) - Project plan is to construct two solar arrays on two parcels (227.-1-16.11 and 227.-1-20).  Project totals 91.9 acres and will be approx. 5 MW AC each.  




60 Middleline Rd CSI (PB 2021-011)

60 Middleline Road; SBL 238.-2-26.2

Site Plan Review and Special Use Permit for Community Solar Installation (CSI) - Proposal of 5 MW AC CSI.


Bloomfield Solar CSI (PB 2021-017)

Mann and Garrett Road; SBL 215.-1-48.1

Site Plan Review and Special Use Permit for Community Solar Installation - Proposal for the construction of 7.5 MW DC solar system along Garrett Rd.

Public Hearing Rules

#1 Five-minute limit. Warning at four-minute mark. If you have more to say, submit it in writing. All submissions will be read. 

#2 No foul language, swearing, cursing. 

#3 No insulting offensive remarks. 

#4 Don’t repeat already expressed comments. 

#5 Don’t expect a response to remarks tonight. No back and forth between public and applicant or board. All questions will be answered in time.